We specialize in stunningly low-quality fishing trips and card playing along with amazingly good cooking in Cocodrie, LA.

Camp Alibi has been located in Coco Marina in Cocodrie, LA since 1986. The three partners are lawyers first and mediocre fisherman second.  Don't take this little slice of fishing heaven in Cocodrie too seriously, we certainly don't.

Steve Copley, Walter Stuart, & Stephen Babcock

Cocodrie, Louisiana.

Steve Copley

Walter Stuart

Stephen Babcock

The quality of the rods and reels that you can toss in the water here is astonishing.


These guys are remarkably good at extracting themselves from sand bars after they run aground.


Been there a couple of dozen times; don't remember catching any fish.
If Jessie, Lettice, or I am not there, don't eat the food. Seriously, don't eat it.


Ryan Madden, Ruston, LA

Richard Tenenbown, Houston ,TX

Jamie Greenheck, New Orleans, LA

Jeff Rabb, Baton Rouge, LA


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Steve Copley with two rat reds