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We're not sure how, but it happened. We gather in Louisiana, hard on the coast. It's a Camp unlike any other. We are bonded by fish, friendship, family and food. We talk of fine boats, good wine, old dogs and long away trips yet to be taken. 

Clem Binnings started it. He had the idea. Recognizing that where you live is not necessarily where you reside, Clem moved a trailer, boats and assorted gear to the end of the road and began his frontal assault on fish and fun. Camp Alibi grew up in CoCo Marina around Clem's dream.

Of course, it wasn't first called Camp Alibi. The first name was the Falcon Partnership (no one remembers why or how that name came about) and its members were Clem Binnings, Marcel Garsaud and Walter Stuart. They were housed in a large, drab brown construction trailer on the far side of what is now Hagewood Court. In 1986 Steve Copley became a member and for twenty-five some years or so, Walter and Steve caught the fish and kept the fun going. In 2009, Stephen Babcock joined the krewe and he and brought his own special enthusiasm to the Camp.

We named it Camp Alibi after our boat, appropriately named the Alibi. It was a perfect name for a secluded getaway that required no explanation. And there have been other great boats, Best Revenge, Bada Bing and Miss Trial among them. We look forward to the next twenty-five years. We take our history seriously, and this may be the only serious section of this website. Thanks for your understanding.

Cocodrie Inshore Fishing


Whether you are wanting to sight cast to tailing redfish in the shallows, catch schooling speckled trout, or perhaps crack some crabs and try your chances at the big bull reds and black drum, Camp Alibi guarantees you that we have a far less than average chance of making that happen for you. On the other hand, if you want to see the explosion of big Atlantic tarpon hitting top-water plugs as they roll in the morning hours along the beaches, well, we basically have zero chance of making that happen. That said, if you would just like to cast days old bait to mostly unproductive and empty waters and see and enjoy the marvels this magnificent coastal estuary has to offer, then this place is right for you.

Cocodrie Offshore Fishing


We have some of the best bluewater fishing the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.  We regularly catch dolphin, wahoo, and tuna. We occasionally catch marlin, and we never catch sailfish (but you can always dream).  We also have access to amazing reef fishing opportunities with all of the offshore oil production platforms.  These platforms hold grouper, snapper, triggerfish, amberjack, and dozens of other species, some of which (though admittedly not too many) we are actually capable and knowledgeable enough to occasionally catch.



Camp Alibi no function beer well without. To fix that problem, Camp Alibi keeps a fully stocked beer fridge and bar for all of our thirsty friends. We can't imagine this needs to be elaborated on any further.




All of the partners in Camp Alibi are tanned, rested and ready to offer you any and all advice you may need without regard for any expertise we may, or may not, have or whether your needs, in any way, overlap with our expertise. Remember, as the sign says, the advice is free. You may get what you pay for.

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